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BlogZed, an open writing platform allows you to share your creativity with the rest of the world and get acknowledgment for it. BlogZed is popular among bloggers who have a story to tell, knowledge to share, or a perspective to offer. We accept articles from freelancers, individual writers, startup companies, and professional writers.

Submission Guidelines

Before writing a post for our portal, you must know what kind of content we publish and what blog posting guidelines we follow. So make sure to go through the guidelines. We request you to review this entire page. It will answer any questions you have about what kind of content we’re looking for and how the submission process works. You must read and adhere to the below-mentioned guidelines before we’ll consider your work.

  1. Only high-quality rich articles are accepted.
  2. An article must include a minimum of 500 words.
  3. Cover a topic that is related to your niche.
  4. No duplicate or spam content.
  5. Write an article in a friendly tone.
  6. Use header tags for headings or sub-headings.
  7. No casino, gambling, or adult-related content.
  8. Use tools like grammar checker for quality writing
  9. Make sure to include the author’s byline at the bottom of the article.
  10. Mention the citation if you have included any data.
  11. Properly include links in your writing.
  12. Use appealing royalty-free images.

How to submit your writing on BlogZed?

It allows you to submit your own creative writing. You can submit via a signup process. Simply, register with us and fill the signup form. Please note, all submissions must adhere to our Terms & Conditions. It covers topics related to Business, Art, Travel, Health, Food, Lifestyle, Home, How to’s, Parenting, and many more. We’d be delighted to publish your posts on our blog.

Become a contributor and submit a post on BlogZed.

When submitting a post, please provide the following:

  1. Any relevant links and images (including photos of the people who are being described in your story, where possible and appropriate).
  2. A biography of 2-3 sentences and a high-resolution image of the author.

Here’s what happens after you hit Send:

  1. An editor will review your submission and determine whether it’s a potential fit.
  2. The editor will collect the team’s feedback and get back to you with notes.
  3. Once you’ve addressed our comments, send your revised draft back. The team will discuss it again and let you know if we want to accept it.

Why you should contribute to Blogzed?

  • Link to your social networks in the Author bio
  • Link to relevant complementary articles on your own blog creating valuable backlinks
  • The article will be shared on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Reach over thousands of readers who visit our website every month
  • You get links to your website that will help your website with SEO.

We’ll schedule publication as soon as revisions are complete. We can’t give you a specific publication date until the article is almost ready to go live.

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