WordPress security tips: 7 ways to keep your website safe

Abhishek Kumar SrivastavaAbhishek Kumar Srivastava 15 Mar, 2022
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WordPress security tips

Website hackers are constantly looking for ways to attack WordPress websites. As soon as they gain access to your website, they steal valuable information or demand a ransom to give its access back to you. Therefore, you need to make sure your website is free of vulnerabilities that can help hackers achieve their goals.

Now, the question is – how can you safeguard your website from malware attacks? Relax. Here are the top seven tips to protect your WordPress site.

Update WordPress Regularly

You should use the latest version of WordPress for your website. When you do not update the WordPress version regularly, your website becomes vulnerable to malware attacks. WordPress core guys keep their eye on bugs, malware, and security threats. As they identify a threat to the websites built on the current WordPress version, they start to work on a revamped version and launch it. Besides, the latest WordPress versions are more feature-rich. Thus, your website becomes more secure and functional than before.

Update Themes and Plugins

Check the updates available for the themes and plugins you are using and update them as soon as pending updates are discovered. Keeping your themes and plugins updated will protect your website from likely security threats since theme and plugin developers release updates when they find bugs or weaknesses.

Backup Your Website Regularly

Whenever you update your website, you should take a backup. The backup will help you combat malware. When your website is compromised, you can use the backup content to remove the malware.

Change Login Password Often

You should frequently change the password of your WordPress website. It will increase the safety of your website. Also, you should limit the number of possible login attempts. You should limit it to two attempts. Once you determine the number of login attempts, you reduce hackers’ probability of succeeding in their efforts. Thus, your website will be highly secured.

Personalize Your WP Account Login URL

WordPress login pages are exceptionally easy to reach. This can be accomplished easily by adding “/wp-login” after the website’s homepage URL. The good news is you can change the WP account login URL and block hackers from accessing it. There are several plugins that help you do this. So, search the web for such plugins and then check reviews about them. For your purposes, you can use that plugin that seems most trustworthy to you.

Protect Your WP-config.php File

The WP-config.php file must be inaccessible to hackers. When you make your website unavailable to them, it becomes pretty secure. Why? The core of your WordPress website is this file, which contains valuable information. You would not be able to use your website if hackers gain access to it.

Install SSL

You must buy an SSL certificate from your hosting service provider. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and facilitates the secure transfer of data between the user’s browser and the server.

By following these tips, you can keep hackers away from your website.


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