Why should you go for a Weight-Neutral Approach: A Well-Framed Opinion!

Neha MukherjeeNeha Mukherjee 24 Dec, 2021
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Weight-Neutral Approach

Studies have shown that having long-term goals of losing weight does not always work. Surprisingly, we also keep stressing about health and fitness by encouraging others to take some irrelevant measures to lose weight such as by abstaining from eating certain foods or altering their diets completely. This approach is dangerous since it has detrimental effects on health.

Fortuitously, research shows that we can maintain good health without using harmful measures. These are ways that enable us to use a weight-neutral approach without necessarily taking workouts and other contemporary ways of keeping ourselves fit. Let’s look at this technique that has been proven to have a high success rate for those who have used it.

How do you use a weight-neutral approach?

A weight-neutral approach involves altering your behavior and emphasizing living well. It does not stress having a medium-sized body as many would prefer. The main goal here is to live healthy by cultivating your habits. Importantly, this approach does not focus on losing weight to be healthy.

Assisting clients to maintain a healthy body without stressing about the weight motivates them. They will also be willing to participate in the entire process because the approach favors everyone regardless of their body size.

There have been several misunderstandings whenever a neutral-weight approach is used. Many people tend to think it aims to lose weight, but that’s not true. The main concern is about healthy habits like feeding on healthy meals, moving around, and other dietary habits geared towards living a healthy life.

As a health expert, it becomes easy to educate people to change their health habits because everyone controls their health. The weight will either reduce or increase to maintain healthy living in the long run.

Helping clients to implement a weight-neutral approach

You can introduce some flexible programs like exercising to improve blood circulation, which maintains a healthy cardiovascular system. In addition, you can collect data from the clients and provide analysis of each clients’ progress. The data can be tabulated, represented in a graphical format, or represented in the form of progressions and regressions. This will allow the program to be more enjoyable and motivate clients to implement the neutral-health approach. Moreover, a client is ready to practice anything that you tell them to do. So use some phrases which will encourage them to implement the approach with ease. For instance, you can say “reducing the consumption of fast foods will improve your health” instead of “abstain from fast foods because they are carcinogenic.”

Implement what you teach

If there is any place that can allow you to move, go ahead and jog with your clients, just for it! Some may be anxious about knowing whether you are healthy so they can learn from you. Use the available measuring devices and try them on yourself before allowing them to use such equipment. In other words, take part in doing everything you would like the clients to do.

Finally, most people are afraid of becoming obese by emphasizing weight loss. Instead, let us focus on implementing the neutral health approach because we control our lifestyle and health habits and not anyone else.


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