What do you plan to wear for your next job?

Aswathi BijuAswathi Biju 11 Jan, 2022
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As everyone knows, a job interview is an opportunity to make your best impression on the potential employer. So, it is even important to dress properly. Are you ready for that terrific impression?

No need to wonder what to wear for an interview. Make sure you look professional as well as polished regardless of the kind of job you seek for. Interview attire can depend on the choice of job. However, if there is no dress code, you should look tidy, neat, and well-dressed.

Smart Casual Look
A classic smart casual look is to pair dark and tailored jeans with a shirt and trendy blazer and an upscale sandal or elevated sneakers.

Business Casual Look
But when it comes to business look, this will not work, jeans are forbidden. Pencil skirts or slacks with button-up shirts, cardigans, and sweaters. Open-toe heels or ballerina flats, it is a smart casual look.

Executive Casual Look
Here also slacks and skirts work but with oxford or closed-toe pumps. Jackets, blazers, or sport coats, no need to match, just coordinate with your outfit.

Colors to wear

Colors to wear

Many experts say blue is the ultimate color to wear in an interview. Even in a study conducted by a job-search website, blue was the color recommended by the HR professionals. Now the next question arises, which shade of blue? It does not matter until you choose a bright one. Navy is the classic, light, and muted blue to be paired with navy or black slacks.

Black is also a classic color, it alludes to authority, strength, leadership ability, and timeliness. Still, wear it only when it is appropriate for the kind of job. You can keep it for high-powered interviews.

Another neutral color you can go for is gray. Gray portrays you as an analytical and logical professional. Blazers will really look great but avoid gray blouses or shirts if you sweat more.

White button-down shirt or blouse with gray or navy slacks, your interview can’t go wrong. The brain of an interviewer sees white as the pure color and shows how organized, clean, and determined you are. Moreover, you can match it up easily with colorful accessories like necklaces, socks, and ties.

Comfort and Fit

Comfort and Fit

Since you are planning to wear the outfit for a critical occasion so you should not get distracted due to the itchy fabric, how it will make an impression on your interviewer? Probably bad.

If you spend time in the interview pulling your top-up or skirt down, that’s again a problem. The interview clothes should be good and functional.

Heels to an interview

Heels to an interview

There is no hard-core rule that you should wear heels to an interview. If you are comfortable then wear it, otherwise leave. You definitely do not want to remember your boss or prospective team as a wobbly candidate.

When you plan to go for professional shoes to attend an interview, select a shoe with closed-toe, heel not higher than 3inch, and neutral color. You can go for flats too, absolutely acceptable for an interview but leave all those flip-flops, Nike, and boots in your rack.

Ideally said, your clothes for the interview should smile at you. It does not mean to go crazy and select something inappropriate. Instead, it is about organizing your preferences the way right for you and ensuring you are satisfied with your choice.



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