Weight loss! Weight Gain! How to have control on both

Aswathi BijuAswathi Biju 15 Dec, 2021
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Weight loss! Weight Gain! How to have control on both

Happy to reach the weight you always want to! Or maybe you are cutting calories for more than a month and looking for a break now. But now what? How can I add my favorite cuisine and get away from the restrictions without destroying the current state?

Everyone knows a weight loss journey is not an easy task. It depends on each one, some people easily respond to the calorie counts while others do not. Avoiding junk foods, cutting back fried items, no sugar, and refined carbs can lead to success. But do not get discouraged if this diet plan works for your friend, not you. And that does not mean you have to get into a restrictive diet plan. There is only one diet right for you and try to stick with it for a lifetime.

Once you get control over your calorie, follow these things to stay on your track without getting back into it.


In weight loss consistency is very important, which means whatever changes you make should result in its best way. However, try to maintain your weight by making it your daily habit and pattern that takes you to the success point.

Keep track of your calorie intake for a while. Once you start taking a diet, check often how much food and sessions affect your daily intake of calories. You do not need to track every other day, but whenever you undergo any little change. It will help you to teach the amount of nutrition and eating habits. Ensure that you hit the calorie goal and have a hold on yourself.

When you stick with one eating routine, it is the right way for keeping the food intake controlled. It is generally advised to take 6 to 7 short meals everyday instead of three large meals. Keeping the structure and systematized eating habits can do lots of wonders for your health. The body will get used to this routine and stop you from taking excess calories or portion size.

Keep exercising

It is easy to maintain your current weight if you stick with your exercise routine. The more active one can be, the more likely to keep their weight off. So try to keep 30 minutes of your day for workout. Skipping is one of the simplest exercises that anyone can do to burn 300 calories in just 15 minutes. If you skip the exercise routine, there is a higher chance of regaining the body mass that you lost.

Protein Intake

High protein intake is one of the positive ways to maintain weight. It suppresses appetite and lean muscle make it ideal for dieters. It also helps in stopping cravings and controls calorie intake overall. Therefore try to maintain a 30% intake of calories from only protein.

Plenty of water

Drinking water helps in maintaining calorie intake. It controls your appetite and helps in weight loss. For your body to maintain proper metabolism, you need to drink not less than 2 liters of water every day.


High stress can be a cause to mess up your hormone levels and increase appetite. So try to be happy, sleep and think positively. Yoga or meditation, exercise, massage, and sleep are some of the strategies you can use to control your stress level.

No strategy can work until you maintain a healthy balance between eating and lifestyle. Keep an eye on your weight regularly, try to maintain your daily routine successfully.


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