Water and Water! Important for a glowing and healthy skin

Aswathi BijuAswathi Biju 28 Dec, 2021
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Drinking Water

Just think! How much water do you drink daily? Four glasses or five glasses? If you do not drink at least eight glasses of water a day, it is a major problem. To stay hydrated is very important for our overall health.

Water is not only important for our blood circulation and digestion but plays a vital role in the skin and beauty. Water repairs our body inside out. For the sake of your skin, this is the easiest beauty treatment you can have without spending money. It does not mean to throw all your beauty products and drink water only. But definitely, this is one of the important elements for your skin.

Do you know how to check if your skin is hydrated or not? Give a nice pinch to the back of the hand. If the skin stays raised, it means you are dehydrated and if not, then you have enough volume of water. Jennifer Aniston admits that water keeps her look ageless.

Ageless Look

Some of the amazing benefits you can see after drinking enough water are:

Increases your skin elasticity

Dermatologists stress the importance of water for plump and bouncy skin. If the skin does not get enough water, it loses its elasticity and becomes dull and dry. A dark circle will form around your eyes’ thin skin layer. So, drinking plenty of water maintains the density and thickness of the skin by preventing moisture loss.

Few wrinkles line

Keep yourself hydrated more and have wrinkle-free skin. Yes, when water maintains the skin moisture, it also increases the elasticity. The more elastic your skin is, the fewer wrinkles there will be.

Skin Eczema

Have you heard about skin eczema? It is a skin condition that comes due to dry skin. My mother is suffering from acute skin eczema. Mostly seen on legs, the cracks help external particles to cause itching and irritation. Drinking enough water helps the skin barrier to function strongly. It does not mean water completely prevents you from getting such skin conditions. It reduces the chance of the skin feeling itchy, flaky, and uncomfortable.

No puffiness

It is not a joke; your skin can swell nicely. And the reason is, your body retains water. Then you may think, why is water retained? The reason is your body is dehydrated and protecting us. So, to reduce swelling and puffiness, you can drink more water and see the change.

Glowing skin

Did you notice that glow on some of your friend’s face? Our body fluid plasma is made of 90% water. So, when there is a good amount of blood circulation, the result will show in your skin also. Drink enough water and leave those costly blushes in your makeup kit itself. No need for lipstick to make your lips look rosy. Water can replace your costly beauty regimens easily.

Body detoxification

Kendall Jenner said, one of the main beauty regimens is drinking a lot of water. Models, doctors, and celebrities recommend it to their audiences. To detoxify your body, nothing is good enough than water. Water flushes out all the toxins from the organs and skin is a big organ of our body.

When to drink water?

  • Early morning after waking up, you can have a glass of lemon juice with honey.
  • Always drink water half an hour before you eat food.
  • Drink little water in between your meals.
  • Try to avoid drinking more water before your sleep time.

When to Drink Water

So, what are you waiting for, go and have a glass of water now!

More the water, the better hydrated your body will be. Always keep a bottle of water handy throughout the day. It will help to remind you to drink more water and give a glowing skin.


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