Unstable Work from Home: Dos’ and Don’ts

Arpita MukherjeeArpita Mukherjee 24 Jan, 2022
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Unstable Work from Home

Work from home has always been a delight to us but only until the “New Normal” phase came into the picture. Now, it is a pain for many. Working from home undeniably has benefits as it not only saves the commuting cost but also the time you waste on traveling to and fro from the office. Besides that, it gives you more flexibility to prioritize your commitments and family time.

Work From Home

Despite all these incredible perks, this workable arrangement is not working anymore for some. It is getting difficult to focus and be 100% productive towards your household chores and job obligations while taking care of your kids at the same time. Somewhere at a corner of your mind, you still find yourself hoping for it all to be over and head back to your office. But, at the end of the day, you know you have to deal with the situation you are in, and hence you can follow these Dos’ and Don’ts to boost your productivity.

Dos’ and Don’ts

Do – Dress up while working from home as if you are at an office

A recent survey says that 59% of people who wear pajamas while working from home have suffered from mental health issues. Dressing up for work alerts you and helps you to feel like you are working at the office. Looking presentable refreshes your mind and motivates you to achieve big things.

Have a healthy breakfast with a warm cup of tea to start your day

Do – Have a healthy breakfast with a warm cup of tea to start your day

It’s not a sin but a common habit to put an alarm on and let it snooze every 5-10 minutes till noon. Stop that! It is not going to take you anywhere. Being lazy and skipping meals will not only make you more sluggish, but it is unhealthy as well. Your body needs an energy booster to get your system to start working like a wake-up call, and that is your breakfast meal.

Stay connected to your colleagues and your company

Do – Stay connected to your colleagues and your company

It might feel secluded when you are working alone, not able to see or talk to your co-workers around you. Avoid this issue by scheduling daily calls or video chats to discuss work. It will help you feel that you belong to your organization and work as a team player.

Do – Find a good place and set up your workstation

The comfort zone is bliss, but your productivity increases only at the corner of your house, where you can concentrate and sit with a good posture. You can keep changing your spot once in a while to break the monotony or for a different view. Sometimes gardens or cafeterias are also good spots because of the fresh ambiance.

Pass the day in personal calls

Don’t – Pass the day in personal calls or taking too many breaks for household jobs

Utilizing an advantage and misusing the same have a narrow gap between them. It is easy to get off-track when physically there is no one to remind you about your responsibilities. Your household chores might wait till your work hours are over. Working till late nights to cover up for the day is not professional.

Don’t – Take your work casually and work without a plan

It’s your bread and butter, don’t bluff around it! Although you are doing it from the comfort of your home, it is still critical. Create a plan and add some goals every day, stick to it and perform consistently.

Don’t – Micromanage and be too hard on yourself or your employees

It’s tough for everybody and, thus you should try if somehow you can make it a little simple and easier for all. You might not realize it, but too much tracking or pushing it hard on yourself or your employees sounds like micromanagement to its core. Trust your people with the work keep them motivated with different team activities and short breathers and see how it goes.

Change is the only constant. So, don’t worry, this will also pass!


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