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Prachi Sinai UsgaonkarPrachi Sinai Usgaonkar 29 Jan, 2022
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Work From Home

As fascinating as remote work is to employees, it wouldn’t be in trend if the employees had not acknowledged the convenience they get from their side of the table. The option of working from home opens up a wide range of benefits like uplift employees productivity, lower organizational cost, reducing turnover, etc. Anybody having a workspace at home can practice the following tips and tricks.

Try different apps for your meetings

If the team members of your organization are working from home then it is evident that they shall require a bonding agent to foster communications and hold team meetings. Online communications are required to be budget-friendly, secure, efficient, and uninterrupted. There are many virtual meeting platforms available and we are spoiled by choice. Most of the online meeting applications offer more or less the same features, it is necessary to find out what suits you the best as per different parameters like comfort, user-friendliness, usage, etc.

Apps for your meetings

Most of the applications have in-built features like chat which is text and emoji-based messages which could be sent to one or more members of the meeting, the meetings can also be recorded and viewed later for reference, there are different face filter options which the younger generation loves and tries the most. The screen sharing option is the most crucial option available on which annotation feature could be used to write or draw on using different color inks and shapes.

Zoom and Google Meet are the most commonly used platforms. Zoom is best used for small meetings with around small around 20 participants and Google meet is scalable and can be used for small to medium-size teams.

Pay attention to the lighting

Lighting plays a very vital role in making or breaking any room’s design or mood. Likewise, during work from home, we can pay special attention to the good lighting and illumination. It has got a good potential to quickly transform and improve your work from home experience and maximize productivity. The best and cheapest lighting option is the natural sunlight which adds to freshness and warmth over your workspace. It is important to understand the direction of the source of light in order to avoid and eliminate the unnecessary shadows due to objects on the table or otherwise.

Pay attention to the lightingAlso, you may witness glare on your monitor screen if you are sitting against the source of the light which becomes very irritating. Straight-on lighting is advisable during video meetings as it illuminates your face to be clear and bright which creates pleasing and accurate skin tones for the viewer in the camera.

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Recreate a live office environment

It is required to maintain a proper work-life balance in order to maintain stability in life. Your work from home office space should be budget-friendly, inviting, reusable, compact, and ideally free from distractions. Many employees find it difficult to adjust while having a workspace at home for some obvious reasons like space utilization, environment, or furniture. In that case, possibly they could try and recreate a similar office environment at home with regards to the placement of stationary if any, the files, folders, etc.

Office environment

It is also advisable to maintain the same routine with regards to the shift timings or having breaks, maintain good posture as was done in the office. Some are addicted to a special scent that could be a perfume that enhances the capacity of working. Decluttering the space helps in a way to eliminate unnecessary books, piles of papers, and used coffee mugs which could harm concentration levels.

Overall, we have a strong inclination towards work from home as the advantages overcome disadvantages provided we identify, practice, and adapt to what suits us the best.


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