Skin Care Routine: Perfect regimen for better result

Aswathi BijuAswathi Biju 15 Dec, 2021
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Skin Care Routine: Perfect regimen for Better Result

Are you worried about your skin? How come the skin looks dull even after using several best products?

Only a regular and correct order of skincare routine can give you flawless skin. There is an order you should follow in the morning and night. When it comes to skincare several things confuse you, which product, what skin type and how to? But, one question everyone forgets is the order of applying these products. Everyone thinks highly-priced skin care products give the best result after application.

Dermatologists say, there is a simple three-way technique to remove dead skin cells and get flawless skin. You may be familiar with the routine but not doing it in the right way.

Now we will learn about the skin care regimen for every skin type.

⦁ Cleansing

Morning is the time to start your skincare routine. The first thing to do in a skincare routine is cleansing. Use lukewarm to cold water for washing your face. Then apply the cleanser gently and rub it on the skin in a soft circular motion. Rinse it out well with water and use a soft cloth to pat dry your face.

Dry to normal skin people can use a cleanser made of glycerine and ceramides to boost up the barrier. For extra dry skin, use oil-based cleansers. For oily skin, one can look for cleansers in a gel formula, and for sensitive skin, using micellar water will be enough. Washing your face twice a day and cleansing at night as well is ideal. It will help to remove the makeup, oil dirt, and pollution from your skin that was accumulated during the day.

⦁ Toning

Toner should be used after cleansing the skin in the morning. When you cleanse your skin, it gets ready to absorb all the beneficial ingredients. Toner is generally light in texture, so it easily gets penetrated deep into the skin and gives ultimate nourishment by balancing the pH level of the skin.

It is important to choose a toner according to your skin type. Also, consider your skin issues and condition currently you are facing. Everyone should use toners without the alcohol content. Astringent toners effectively remove the oil from your skin but may cause some irritation. So, it can be used by those who have extremely oily skin. One of the key successes in using a face toner is how much you use it.

Toner is a product that prepares your skin to absorb serum but too much application can result in drying out of the skin. Those who have acne can use salicylic acid content toner to calm breakouts. Dry-skin people can use hydrating toner for smoothening of skin.

⦁ Serum

After toner, you may think of using moisturizer but the serum is more effective to be applied as pre-moisturizer. Because they contain antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides. So, applying it in the early morning routine helps in soaking up the good things early.

Vitamin C serum is a perfect serum for all skin types. It helps to reverse a lot of damages that are caused due to pollution and the sun. When you buy a Vitamin C serum, look for a product that contains the maximum amount of Vitamin C. It helps the molecule to penetrate into the skin deeply. People with darker skin tone with hyperpigmentation should use this serum in the morning to mitigate dark sports, as per dermatologist.

⦁ Moisturizer

If you have got extremely dry skin, it is good to use moisturizer. A good oil content moisturizer keeps your skin more hydrated and strengthens the skin barrier.

⦁ Sunscreen

Smooth your face with SPF 30 or any higher sunscreen as the last step of a morning skin-care routine. Do not forget to apply it to the neck and hands too. It is important to apply sunscreen even if you stay indoors.

At night also, you can follow the same skincare routine with some changes in the products. You can use the same cleanser and toner for the night. But, select a serum with alpha hydroxy acid that helps to build collagen and improve the skin radiance. Do not forget to apply an eye cream during the night skincare regime.


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