Say Goodbye to Neutral Couches, Freshen up your living room

Aswathi BijuAswathi Biju 15 Dec, 2021
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Say Goodbye to Neutral Couches; Fresh up your living room with new interior designs

How was it like to spend the majority of time cocooned inside the home due to this pandemic? It is high time, freshen up your home with the latest interiors. Many looks are ruling this year for living rooms.

The living room is a place where all the family members get together and enjoy. It is the most trafficked room inside a house, so needs extra care and love. Most of them enjoy their concerts, trips, and parties in the living rooms with their favorite food. Chances are that their living room has become a home office too for many.

So why not spruce up your living space with the latest trend? Let’s share with you the newest trending ideas.

Bold Furniture

Bold Furniture

If you feel overwhelmed and do not know where to start, let me help you. Start thinking of vibrant styling ideas, style up with pops of colors, palettes that work best, and frame the sofa as the pivotal point of a living room. What about the berry cherry textured sofa, but it should complement the surrounding. The aim behind this color is not to get intimidated. You can swatch the wall with some pale paint color that looks cooler than an eye-catching décor like a lucite coffee table or vintage table.

Couches and armchairs have become a statement for people who like standard neutral hues, big florals, and bold designs that pop up your space. Colorful décor gives fun and a feminine look to any living space. To give a minimal feeling to your eye, use a neutral color for the flooring, walls, and ceiling, creamy white paint cannot go wrong as soft background.

neutral color furniture

Southwestern design and colors can also make a difference. Earthy tones, bright colors are woven fabrics and other various textures are natural materials. It is great to combine with a leather or woven fabrics rather than silk or velvet.

Those who like neutral colors can choose olive green because of its earthy tone. It is a gorgeous shade to do magic in a living room when contrasted with blue, orange, pink or yellow. Modern and clean white and black palette let the sofa shine in your space.

gorgeous shade furniture

Brighter hue yellow shares a vibrant look to the living room. The bonus part will be if you choose a long sofa in a curved or funky shape. Patterned wallpaper is an addition that complements a lovely shade.

Brighter Shades in Living Room


Art complimenting living space is now rising and the designs work well with contemporary decors. The reason is the sleek and pure look of the line it offers. Such style incorporates very easily into any home with light architecture. Utilize modern elements with old and new for a brand new space character. When you combine styles, materials and time create a layered living space that showcases your uniqueness.

The imposed lockdown has reduced the accessibility to open spaces. Greens were brought inside your home. People are more interested in kitchen gardens nowadays. It adds freshness and enlivenment to the space you live in. The addition of indoor décor plants on tabletops or corners has become a trend. Green plants are always famous for their various natural benefits and make a great impact on your living interior. Fresh indoors give that calmness and clarity of nature that people look for in a busy work schedule.


Post-pandemic many people are interested in giving their living space an expressive look. As people are spending more time, artwork and artifacts have become their preferences. One statement of artwork on the wall is enough to change the style of your living space. Floor lamps, ornate ceiling, architectural light can work as a great accent highlight.

Our room space should be multi-functional now. Single-use spaces are outdated, so design your home space with smart furniture and décor.

smart furniture and décor


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