Prints and patterns, select according to your body type

Aswathi BijuAswathi Biju 31 Dec, 2021
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Tricks and tips work in selecting the right style, print, and pattern for your body type. Emphasize all your features, it is not that difficult for everyone to become trendy. With many options, choose a bit of the right patterns and prints and see how gorgeous you look!

Arguably, every woman is not happy with their body shape but remember that what you perceive can be dressed up to look pretty. Fashion is all about comfort, if not, you are doing wrong with your body.

Leave all the latest trends behind, and make your style statement.

First of all, look into your body type. Once you come to understand the type of body you have, dressing up is even more fun. There are myriads of combinations of body types, but there are only four types that all women fit into. I hope you are one of them; Let’s see,

⦁ Apple Shape
Also called round or circular shape; shoulders, waist, bust, and hips uniform, but for some hips and shoulders will be slightly narrow. Not sure whether you fit into it? Watch this Video and measure yourself.

⦁ Pear Shape
A pear body shape means large hips, wider than your bust and shoulders. It makes you look in the shape of a pear. Shoulders narrow, defined waist, muscular legs, and weight visible in areas like hip, thigh, and lower midriff.

⦁ Hourglass
An hourglass body shape woman will have an equal size bust and hip, with a narrow waistline. This is what makes an ideal body shape in appearance.

⦁ Rectangle
A body shape features equal hip, waist, and bust measurements. The lack of curves makes the body look rectangular.

So, now you understand the different types of body shapes. Let’s see different prints and patterns suitable for each body shape.


If you have a round body, you must choose colors and prints that give a slim effect. Moreover, such body shape is found in 40 plus women who start to experience menopause and gain weight around their waist.

As you dress, the idea must be to create a balance. First of all, wear a well-fitting bra to avoid your bust and tummy meeting each other. Look for tops with V-neck and break the size of the chest creating a vertical line. The thicker texture you can select that does not cling so much. Woven is also a great choice. Patterns are good for an apple-shaped body because they flatter and camouflage. Embroidery, flares, or slits can draw attention down the belly.


A pear-shaped body is a little heavier from hip down, which creates uneven body features. The key to dressing in such a shape of the body is to pay attention to the upper and waistline. You can create a mirage of volume on the upper side of the body. Try to emphasize the waist and de-emphasize your lower body creating a balanced silhouette.

When you select a top, choose styles that can balance your lower body. As said earlier, define your waist with nipped and fitted tops. Bold and bright color patterns with details around the shoulders and bust help to draw attention to your upper body part. Horizontal stripes are good choices to highlight your curves. Try to choose top-up to waist length like crop tops or you can tuck the t-shirt into your pants. Avoid embellishments around the hips and clear of ruffles, peplums, and styles that add volume to your hips.

Hourglass body Dress

Hourglass body is a naturally shaped body. The aim of dressing such a balanced body shape is proportional dressing from the top to bottom while accentuating your beautiful waistline. In over-excitement ensure not to unbalance your body frame by wearing something heavy at the top or bottom.

Fitted shirts are a better choice to give a balanced look. Belted or wrap tops that extend towards the hipbone. Avoid bows, big ruffles or other embellishments, extra bulk at the waistline that hides your natural slimness.


A rectangle-shaped body is well-proportioned to create a proper silhouette. They should focus on the waist only to break the rectangle. Shirts with a belted or nipped waist and drape under the bust flaring at the bottom. Darker colors are a good choice that finishes at your hip level. You can wear details such as bibs, frills, embellishments, rosettes, bows, panels, pockets, lace, ruffles, and pleats that add volume to your bust.

So, if you are a tall lady, go for big prints and patterns. The bolder and bigger they are, the better you accentuate your body shape.




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