Mental Health, A fight between your body and soul

Aswathi BijuAswathi Biju 15 Dec, 2021
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Mental Health, A fight between your body and soul

The covid-19 pandemic not only affected our body but our soul too. Many people have experienced stress due to this unprecedented time. People like frontline workers or overwhelmed ones, young ones, family members who got separated due to the impact of infection or loss of dear one, or those who already have a bad mental health condition. Coronavirus was a disease transmitted from one person to another that caused fear and stress in normal to those who are already handling anxiety-like issues. In this frightening time, anxiety was the common problem faced as per reports. There was a significant increase in major depressive and anxiety disorders worldwide since the pandemic. This was seen in both males and females leading to a major disability worldwide.

If there is someone in your family who is going through this issue, try to make them understand that whatever situation comes, you have got the power to take care of mental health. Last month we celebrated World Mental Health Day on 10th October, here are certain things we can take care of not only during this pandemic but even at  the time of common stress:

Talking out

Whether it is a bad or good time, it is good to talk to someone whom you trust. It can be your friend, any close family member, or colleague. No other medicine can treat you well than sharing your feeling with others. The person should be someone who really cares about you. If you are staying at a place where the situation is bad to meet people, you can still connect through a phone call, video call, or messages.

Focus on

We are going through a tough time of upheaval. In-different things are happening outside out of control, when this pandemic lasts forever, how friends see us, enemy, while infected, and how working hours and school time changed. When tough times comes many of us endlessly think and search on the internet for what might happen. But they are unanswerable questions and circumstances we are going through, this scenario is not going to take us anywhere apart from drained out and anxious.

When you get caught up in certain things, try to change your focus on some other things that are under your control. Like if you are prone to a virus, try washing your hands frequently, avoid going out unnecessarily, do not touch your face, eyes, or nose, and have food properly to boost up your immune system.

Connect with your own feelings

Are you missing any events like sports, hobbies that are disappointing? Such things can be more upsetting to anyone. The best part is to deal with it, allowing you to feel the moment. If it is a painful feeling, become sad and cry out how much you want. After some time, you will feel much better than earlier.

Each person has their own way of dealing with things, children make art, some like to talk with their friends and share their sadness as they like to connect and others eat their favorite food. It is always right to do what you feel like and useful. Do not stop yourself under any circumstances; it will lead you to depression.

Take care of your body

This is a difficult time for everyone and all are stressed out. Taking healthy meals, drinking plenty of water, sleeping properly and meditation is personal self-care to face the unique disruption due to the coronavirus. When you experience anxiety or depression, think that you are not alone struggling. Maintain regular sleep, meal, and work schedule even you’re stuck at home.

Take time out from regular activities like reading books, watching comedy, playing fun games, cooking a new recipe or artwork. Even walking around the neighborhood to get fresh air and sunshine can make you feel much better. If gym or group classes are not possible, you can do cycling, hiking, or do exercises at home watching videos online. Yoga is one of the best remedies to deal with anxiety and depression.

Avoid self-medication, even if the stress affects your nervous system. Try to relax with meditation, deep breathing, and yoga to bring back into a state of equilibrium.


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