Lipsticks and Skin undertone, A right one instantly transforms your look

Aswathi BijuAswathi Biju 29 Dec, 2021
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Lipsticks and Skin undertone

Know your skin tone before you buy lipstick! The color on your lips can change your overall look. Poorly chosen shade can leave a bad impression. Identify your skin tone and pick the perfect shade of lipstick.

Wearing lipstick whether sheer, matte, creamy, metallic, glossy, or liquid means you should look pretty and confident. But when it comes to lots of options, how do you select one for your lips? The trick of lip color is to enhance your beauty while complimenting the undertone of your skin.

Identify your undertone

Even though we know our face more than anyone, most of them do not know what their skin tone is. It is essential information, guesswork will not work here.

Identify your undertone

Undertone is generally classified into three: warm, cool, and neutral. Warm color means earth tones such as golden, yellow, browns, orange, and peach. Cool color means pink shades, blues, green, magenta, and blue-greens or reds. And neutral means a combination of warm and cool undertones.

There are ways to test your undertone easily. Grab a white t-shirt, wear it and stand out in bright natural light. Does your skin look rosy or pink? It means your undertone is cool. If your face is more yellowish, then the undertone is warm. And if you look better in cream or off-white rather than pure white, that signs you are warm-toned. If both the colors look good on you means, you have a natural undertone. There are a few more hacks to figure out your skin’s undertones.

Know the shades that work on each skin undertone

Ladies with cool tones will look best in cool lipstick shades like classic reds or purple tones. On the other hand, warm skin tones can go for orange-toned or peach shade lipsticks. And if it is neutral like olive complexion, you are lucky to try warm and cool colors.

Fair Skin

A fair skin tone looks pale and translucent at times. They can choose lipstick of shades like nude, peach, coral, pink, and beige. Try not to go for yellow undertone shades because they can destroy your look.

Light Skin

Women with lighter skin tones can select pinkish beige, pink, peach, and coral shades. If you like more pigment, try red-based coral or pink-red.

Medium Skin

For medium skin, consider rose, berry shades, and mauve. Mostly, brown-mauve will be a lovely choice and soft pink beige is a perfect nude lipstick for such a skin tone. Pink and shades of cranberry are also complementary choices. The evening look can be completed with wine-colored shades.

Tan Skin

If you fall into a mix of tan and olive tones, you can avoid brown and purple lipsticks. The colors you can go for are deep pink hues, coral, and orange shades. Warm complexions with cool undertones can carry cherry red and wine shades very well.

Dark Skin

Dark skin means a deep complexion with black or brown hair. They can carry off purple and brown shades like caramel, walnut, and wine. Pale color lipstick must be avoided by darker complexion women. For a flattering look, you can go for warm nude tones like warm caramel, metallic brown, rich berry, or rose gold.

Knowledge of the skin undertone is the right way to reach your shade of lipstick. Cool or warm or neutral, find your tone and your job is done.


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