Is Eye Yoga powerful enough to improve eyesight?

Aswathi BijuAswathi Biju 31 Dec, 2021
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The health benefits of yoga are well-known, but many less people know about the benefits of yoga for eyesight. Yoga helps to reduce eye strain and gives a better vision and comfort.

Do you ever feel your eyes are tired or exhausted and unable to see the TV or phone screen? Do you experience eye strain, a common eye condition when you stare for a long time? A simple and easy way to reduce this eye stress is Eye Yoga.

Eye Yoga


Eye yoga means a specific exercise done for the ocular muscles that support the movement of the eye. The exercise improves the flexibility of muscles, helps to focus more, and is a wonderful latest fitness regime.

Common exercises in eye yoga include:

  • Looking up and down; left and right repeatedly but slowly,
  • Closing the eyes for a few seconds will help to increase the moisture on the eyeballs,
  • Rubbing your palms, then placing them over the closed eyes for a few seconds,
  • Choosing any object and staring at it continuously without blinking. While doing this exercise, you can focus and unfocus the eyes.

Benefits of eye yoga

Studies show that 70% of adults deal with eye stress and the major reason is using digital screens. Daily yoga helps to cut down pain, dryness, and blurry eyes. As per the study, half a percent of people who perform yoga for five days a week experienced less eye strain. Other benefits are:

  • Improved concentration
  • Better Vision
  • Relief in eye strain
  • Calmer mind
  • Lesser chance to get eye diseases
  • No dryness in the eyes

Some also believe eye yoga is good to lessen IOP or intraocular pressure that comes inside the eyes. IOP is what leads to glaucoma progression, a disease that affects the optic nerves. This is not proven clinically but studies show that yoga can reduce IOP.

People who did cataract surgery can also practice eye yoga to rebuild ocular strength. But it is not advisable immediately after the surgery.

Here are the yoga postures and instructions in detail to combat eye problems and give you a better vision:


Palming is rubbing and placing the warm palms on the eyes. You can’t imagine how much comfort it gives to your stressful eyes. Do these steps 3 to 5 times every day. It helps in reducing dark circles too gradually.


This is an exercise to strengthen the optic nerves and reduce dry eyes. First, keep your eyes open and concentrate at one point. Blink the eye 10 times quickly one after another. Then close both eyes and take a deep breath for 20 seconds. You can do this exercise a minimum of 3 to 5 times.

Eye Rotation

Do you sit still concentrating on any object? Like watching TV, working on computers, or driving for long hours, these things are proven to be bad for our eye socket muscles and can cause diseases. So, if you like to consider yoga for your regular issues, it is good to keep the eye muscles functioning by rotating the eye in between constantly.

Up and down – Move the eyes up first and then down to keep away all the eye problems and improve the vision. It is better to repeat this slowly for 15 minutes.

Side to Side – Hypermetropia and myopia are the eye issues that can be controlled by doing this eye yoga. Move your eyeballs to the right and left every 15 minutes.

Circular – Last rotate your eyes in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. This will help to reduce any eye irritation. Eye rotation can also be done for 15 minutes.

Eye yoga exercises should be done every day because the normal functioning of the eyes is important for our life.


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