Hygiene Rules you should not ignore

Aswathi BijuAswathi Biju 31 Dec, 2021
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Hygiene means taking care of your body. The daily routine includes washing hands, brushing, bathing, and more. We are prone to millions of germs and viruses. As we are living with Covid19, it has become important for us to take precautions before we feel unwell.

Protect others from getting infectious diseases by keeping yourself hygienic.

How to wash your hands?

As per the study conducted, over 80% of adults do not know how to wash their hands properly to kill harmful germs effectively.


The study stated that you should wash your hands with water and soap for a minimum of 20 seconds. You should take enough hand wash in your palm and rub your hands by washing your fingers, and hands on both sides thoroughly.

Washing hands is said to be the easiest way to protect yourself from any illness. So, by following this simple advice you can reduce the chance of getting infections. An ineffective hand washing is what leads to the unwanted spread of bacteria and viruses. It leads to a variety of illnesses like cold, flu, diarrhea.

A working place or school or shops are the worst places to spread germs. If you encourage washing hands every 2 hours, the density of spreading germs can be reduced easily. Rinse with warm water if possible and dry your hands using a clean towel. If you are at any place where water or soap is not available, you can use a hand sanitizer.

How to clean your ears?

People like using cotton swabs or Q-tips for cleaning their ears. It is safe to use a cotton swab to clean from outside but avoid it inside the ear. With time, earwax migrates out and then you can clean it away.


An otologist speaking at Yale Medicine confirms the idea that you should not use earbuds to clean your ears. Your ear canal is made of a self-clean structure. The ear makes wax constantly and sheds dead skin cells. Its natural migration pattern pushes out any excess buildup from the ear canal. Moreover, ear wax contains antimicrobial properties to destroy bacteria before creating an infection and offers a great moisturizer for your ear canal.

Q-tips are unnecessary for your ear hygiene, they can cause damage. The thin skin layer on the top is quite vulnerable to getting ripped if poked with Q-tips or hairpin. From the olden days, people used different things to poke inside the ear while itching. But it is not at all safe for our ears.

Shower every day

There are plenty of reasons behind choosing to shower daily like regular routine, personal preference but there are not many health benefits of taking a shower every day. Our skin layer is made of natural oils and nice bacteria to protect the skin from germs and dryness. When you overwash your body with soap and water it can strip the skin layer and leave your skin itchy, dry, cracked, and irritated leading to allergic infections. Additionally, some germs and bacteria are good for our immune system. They build protective and resistant antibodies on the skin. If you shower very frequently, it interferes with the working of the skin’s natural immune ability to work.


On the contrary, if you bathe quite less, it may result in a buildup of dirt and body odor. Dead skin causes acne, clogged pores, and other fungal infections. But there is a myth behind showering every day. Using the best products can keep your skin healthy that you can choose depending on the skin type and weather condition of the place you reside.


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