How to recover hacked Gmail account?

Anand GondAnand Gond 06 Jan, 2022
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recover hacked Gmail account

Nowadays, a Gmail account houses most of our private data. Losing a Google account is a heavy blow that many people experience daily.

Gmail is one of the most popular and universally used email services. It is widely used by companies for conducting business, connecting with employees, sharing sensitive information over the web, and more. Hence, security is of utmost importance here.

With the advancements in IT, the number of hackers has also exponentially increased. Because of lurking hackers over the Internet, protecting your digital data, especially email is one of the major concerns.

Even a subtle indication like an attempted login can be an alert that someone else is trying to access your account.

If you think you have been locked out of your Gmail account, have not been able to access it, or it is hacked — You are in the right place.

We are here to guide you — How you can get back to your lost/hacked Gmail account or secure it beforehand.

1) Identify if your Gmail is Hacked

Before I tell you the process to recover your lost google account, here are some quick ways to identify if your account is hacked.

Unrequested password change – The first thing you might experience after having your Gmail hacked is your account might lock you out requesting you to input the correct password. Multiple Incorrect passwords prompt is the pure indication of a hacked Gmail account.

Changed settings – Change in critical account settings success recovery email phone number is a strong indication of an email breach.

Unfamiliar login – Gmail keeps track of IP address location and type of device the account was accessed on. If you notice and familiar login attempts this might be evidence that someone is trying to get into your account.

2) What to do if Gmail is hacked?

After finding confirmation about your hacked account, you should immediately reach out to the provider and report the hacked Gmail. Usually one chooses to either recover a hacked Google account or try to close it permanently. Out of which recovering a hacked Gmail account is always a primary concern.

In such cases, Gmail offers a step-by-step recovery process to get your account back.

The first thing to do is to visit the Gmail account recovery page using this link.

Enter your email or phone number, and click Next to proceed. Once done, Gmail will ask you to enter the last password that you have used, then, will ask you where you wish to receive the reset code.

In case you forgot or do not have a mobile number/email address to receive a reset code, create one. If during the recovery process you don’t know the answer, click Try a different question; it might allow you to enter an alternate email address or mobile phone number to get the code.

After that, a reset code will immediately be sent to you. Now enter the six-digit reset code on the next page to regain access to your account.

Note – Immediately update your recovery options, password and enable two-factor authentication for better security in the future.

However, if you receive a message like “Google couldn’t verify this account belongs to you” means Google isn’t satisfied with the account recovery information that you have provided. Need not worry, follow these steps:

Answer all recovery questions asked by Google without skipping them. Make sure you do not leave one blank, guess it.

Another great tip is to sign in to your account from a device or location where you’ve previously signed in from. Likewise, use the same web browser.

The next crucial thing is to avoid typos such as uppercase and lowercase when entering any passwords and security questions.


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