How Artificial Intelligence benefits the fashion industry?

Anand GondAnand Gond 31 Dec, 2021
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Artificial Intelligence

At present, AI is the key for fashion companies to survive unforeseen challenges!

In today’s world, humans are leisurely dependent on Artificial Intelligence for daily activities. Whether it is a technical department or an E-commerce market, AI significantly impacts the business development in each sector. When it comes to the Fashion industry, AI plays a major role in its growth. The implementation of AI has successfully changed the game for all fashion retailers.

Before acknowledging the AI’s impact on fashion retail, let’s have a clear picture of this business. Fashion Company usually revolves around land-based stores or E-commerce. Here, e-commerce heavily relies on AI to overcome fundamental challenges every day.

Impact of AI on Industrial Growth

AI accurately summarizes and strategizes fashion elements and accessories for the company. According to reports from Market research Inc, the use of AI in fashion will significantly grow in the coming seven years at a CAGR of +40%.

AI assists fashion brands to focus on popular consumer needs thereby finding the right fit. This trend-spotting technique of AI profits these brands to follow up with changing trends and stay on top.

The introduction of AI in a fashion not only contributes to the designing, manufacturing process but also enables Virtual merchandising. This technology has fundamentally transformed the way brands work.

Virtual merchandising

How does it leverage fashion retail? Virtual merchandising makes use of AI-visual recognition technologies like augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) to understand customers’ needs and deliver quality fashion products. Specialized algorithms collect feedback from customers to help record their overall shopping experience.

Improvisation of technology in fashion apparel will deliver exact product recommendations based on our past search, product selection, and history. Consequently helping brands to score more and top the market.

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Supply Chain Management

An AI-powered shopping engine keeps users’ in-store inventory records, accurately predicts consumer demands, showing users what they like and discarding what they do not. Ai based automated tools can propose the best fashion outfits or accessories from the available collection after users submit their required body dimensions and product selection.

The supply chain is another domain where AI plays a significant role. It aids quick delivery services and provides the shortest route possibilities for vehicles. Unexpected difficulties such as road construction, heavy traffic, or bad weather conditions can be easily avoided.

Other essential tasks like tracking customers’ activities to provide automated solutions in order to determine their likes and dislikes, can be done with the help of AI.

Artificial Intelligence benefits the fashion industry with future trends and demand for fashion products. From providing accurate data, analyzing consumer demands (with demand sensing algorithms) to generating winning ideas for brands. Today, Artificial Intelligence has become an important asset in the fashion business.

Customers are now happier, shop with ease, and purchase proper goods with fewer risks of buying the wrong apparel, all Thanks to AI-based solutions. The technology majorly improves the efficiency of business processes impacting the global fashion industry. The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) into the fashion industry has fundamentally altered the future of e-commerce and how it operates.


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