Fun and Effective Wellness Program at Workplace

Aswathi BijuAswathi Biju 31 Dec, 2021
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Fun and Effective Wellness Program at Workplace

Keeping your employees motivated at the workplace helps in increasing productivity. Activities keep people engaged and make them healthier, happier, and energetic at work. So, workplace wellness programs are gaining popularity. The purpose is to encourage a healthier lifestyle behavior.

Today, every manager is concerned about the rising health issues in employees due to strict deadlines and an unhealthy work environment. Work-related issues definitely affect the employees mentally, physically, and emotionally. If not handled properly, it can result in a life-threatening experience. The employer should foster a healthy ecosystem for a better productive workforce and retain the employee. Employers must encourage workplace wellness by enrolling in a Wellness Program.

Conduct a Health-risk assessment

Health-risk assessment

This is one of the critical steps that includes collecting information about the employees’ health issues. Inform them about the company’s willingness to change the environment based on such information. The information will help in designing the program which is beneficial for both employee and employer. Here are some steps or tools to get this information:

  • Conduct a survey to know the employees’ interest in personal wellness. Directly surveying the employees helps to know what they think about the program and how much information they are willing to pass.
  • Conduct a free health checkup to know the current health issues of the workforce. It will help in finalizing the programs to be executed. Here is the guide to Health Risk Assessments.

Wellness Committee

After the assessment, take management support and create a committee under employee governance. This helps to make and sustain the wellness ethos in the organization. The committee can conduct the following wellness service for the employees.

Ergonomic Training

The organization management team must notice what is the sitting position of an employee? Their arms, neck, and back should be aligned properly. Educating ergonomic education helps in reducing workplace injuries and keeps the team safe from spending more hours in an office.

Health App

With the latest technology, health issues can be monitored at your fingertip. There are many health apps to provide expert advice and keep an update on their vital measures. Corporate health apps are smart choices among tech-based corporate employees.

Healthy Snacks

Staff is often seen eating junk foods from stalls outside their campus. If they get good options of snacks at the office premises itself, why will they opt for unhealthy options? Try to provide them with fruits, veggies, and other snacks to satisfy their hunger and keep them in good health.


Working for 10 hours nonstop is not advisable. Now, with advanced technology people can work from their comfort zone. They can work day and night at home. That is what leads to more cases of burnout. All employees cannot follow the work from home routine easily. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the employer to know what work culture suits their employee. They must encourage flexibility by creating a positive environment. Ultimately it will help them to become more productive at work and create a balance between life and work.

Preventative Care

Health checkups, flu shots, sports, vaccinations are some of the preventative care which a company can provide to its employees. This helps employees from falling sick, reduces absentees, and ensures a healthy team to success at work and home.

How to Evaluate the Success of Wellness Program

  • Feedback from employees
  • Reduction in health insurance cost
  • Improvement in performance
  • Request for such more programs
  • Less sick days or absentees

This measurement strategy is not for all organizations but provides a topic for discussion. Review the goals, check the completed task and show how far you reached.

Yes, for sure, all these ideas are great to read. But to make it a reality is a big task. A well-executed workforce wellness program needs exceptional communication.


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