Body Care Routine; Beautiful and Healthy-Looking Skin

Aswathi BijuAswathi Biju 13 Dec, 2021
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Body Care Routine; Beautiful and Healthy-Looking Skin

It is very common to see people taking care of their facial skin only rather than their whole body. Yes, undoubtedly it is a big task for some and we understand why everyone gives more importance to a face. For the face, you use a cleanser, scrub and moisturizer. But for the body, you take a shower and think, it is done. In winters, people use body lotions to clear dryness but that is not the only way to moisturize your body.

Our skin protects us from harsh light and pollution. So, here we bring a basic routine you should ideally follow for your body:


If you are consistently doing face skincare, you know the first step for your body. It does not matter which part of a body you have to deal with, the right way is starting with cleansing. You cannot use your face wash for cleansing, look for a body wash. According to your skin type, you can buy a body wash that will not irritate your skin. Rinse it off with warm water completely.

You can also use cold water for the shower. It helps in tightening the pores, making the skin look firm and not allowing the dirt to get in. It also retains your skin’s natural oil without drying out.


You know the importance of exfoliating your face. It is the same process to remove dead skin cells from your body too. This exfoliation helps to stimulate blood circulation and prepare the skin to absorb the maximum benefit of your body care product. So it is worth taking time to learn how to do it properly.

First, take some quantity of scrub in your hand, massage it on your damp skin round and round working all over the body. You can rub more on rough skin areas like elbows, knees. Please note that the scrub used for the body should not be used on the face as it will be too coarse on sensitive skin or around the area like the upper chest or neck. You can make the exfoliation process more smooth if you wear a glove or brush.


Even if you know how to shave, there can be some mistakes you may make in the body care routine. If you like shaving then take some more time in the shower. The water softens your skin easily and makes it ready for the razor. Apply shaving cream, gel or foam to the areas of the body you want to shave. Shave it in the right direction, going against the grains only can give a better shave. Avoid getting rashes, irritation and razor burn.

Tip – If you have sensitive skin, use a hair conditioner to shave. It is the best thing you can do to your skin.


Skin is the organ and first part of our body to protect us from infections and diseases. Our skin gets exposed to elements every day and leads to dryness, cracks, and damages. Therefore it is very important to moisturize the skin to keep its defense in check. With exfoliating and shaving, the skill will become extra dry so apply moisture right away. You can apply moisturizer shower gel during the shower or traditional body lotion after the shower.

The traditional body cream is used to moisture the skin and keep it hydrated for the whole day. It works into the skin pores allowing it to absorb maximum. If you have extremely dry skin, try to use some oil-based cream for your body skincare routine.


Most of the body care routine takes part during the shower itself like cleansing, exfoliation, shaving, and moisturizing. If you go out, try to apply a layer of sunscreen lotion or body lotion that contains SPF. Nivea and Lakme have a good range of body lotions with SPF 50.


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