Battling Depression by yourself?

AbhijeetAbhijeet 30 Dec, 2021
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Battling Depression

Depression, undoubtedly a very familiar term and a very common psychiatric disorder, is often linked to anxiety. Depression is sometimes the consequence of a genetic disorder, harsh parenting styles, childhood abuse, financial losses, environmental factors, and even dietary deficiencies such as deficiency of Vit. D. Different people have different symptoms as follows:

  • It doesn’t necessarily mean that a depressed person wishes to take his own life or wants to often cry but it may also mean that he wouldn’t mind if he just disappears and never returns.
  • In many cases, a depressed person loses interest in life because he feels he has no purpose to serve.
  • He also loses interest in his favorite activities. For some, it feels extremely sad and it is difficult to get out of bed. This results in losing or gaining excess weight.
  • People start hating themselves and feel that their loved ones will be better off without them. This is what leads to suicide.
  • They try to dig themselves out of the hole but sometimes their efforts are not enough and even lead to suicide.

What is the solution?

If you are facing any of these symptoms, then it surely needs medical attention and if it is sought early, it can be treated easily. It will not go on its own unless you treat your brain just like you treat any other organ in any other disease. In depression, the brain is overactive and responds excessively to negative events. Depression causes physical changes in various parts of the brain and affects its functions. Healthy brains produce new neurons (information messengers) in one part of the hippocampus. These are affected in stress especially in chronic depression by getting reduced in number. This leads to reduced levels of neurotrophins (a protein that helps in the growth of neurons). Different medical treatments such as antidepressants, electroshock target different regions of the brain to improve the symptoms.

Talk therapy is considered an excellent way to treat depression, better than antidepressants which have a lot of side effects. Talk to your friend or anyone you trust and speak your heart out. Find people who care and can help. If no one is available around you, just connect to a counselor online get-help and be kind to yourself.

Yoga is another effective way to deal with depression because it improves blood circulation in the brain and makes your life meaningful again. It is in fact considered to be the best antidepressant. Three major yoga postures help a depressed person to cope up.

1. Dhanurvakrasan

This is an uplifting posture where you lie down on your stomach, hold your feet with your hands and the whole stress is over the navel. You need to hold your breath for five seconds while you are in this posture and feel the stretch in your chest. Return to the beginning posture slowly.


2. Diaphragm pose

Sleep is often disturbed in depression and the abdomen becomes tight. Lie down on your back, fold your legs and place one hand on the abdomen. Move your abdomen up and down 8 to 10 times and then relax. This will improve your sleep.


3. One-legged Down Dog Posture

This posture helps in gaining self-esteem. Get into a mountain pose first and keep lifting your tail bone as much as possible. Now lift one leg, stay for five seconds. Repeat the same with the second leg. It helps to strengthen your brain.

One-legged Down Dog Posture


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