7 Hidden Chrome Settings to ease your work

Anand GondAnand Gond 06 Jan, 2022
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Hidden Chrome Settings

Level up your Chrome browsing experience with these powerful hidden features. We live in a time where browsers are important and helpful in handling any kind of situation. No one can deny, there’s no better web browser than Chrome to access the Internet.

Google’s Chrome is the leading web browser occupying over 64% of the Internet. One of the reasons why Chrome is so popular is its flexibility and clean user interface. While Chrome’s capabilities are greatly multiplied combined with a limitless library of extensions, still there are tons of hidden features built into Chrome that can make your browsing experience meaningfully easier.

Google Chrome’s setting panels include two sections: one is settings from the utility menu, and the other can be found in chrome://flags (search the keyword and hit enter).

Chrome flags are powerful settings that can boost your browsing potential to a great extent. Below given features can increase your download speed, tweak browser performances, ease your work, improve the appearance, and many more.

Boost Downloads

You must be familiar with several download manager applications which use multiple threads to boost downloads. Basically, these apps download files parallelly instead of as a big chunk.
You can utilize the same feature in Chrome Flags settings by enabling the
#enable-parallel-downloading option.

Dark Mode

Not just Microsoft and Firefox, but also chrome provides Dark mode function. Chrome users who have a craving for dark mode or eye-strain issues can Enable the #enable-force-dark flag option in Chrome flags settings to render a webpage and its content in dark mode.

Export/Import passwords

Do you know there’s a built-in password manager in Google chrome that stores your password? You can view it from Settings>Auto-fill>Passwords.

To import, Enable the #password-import flag in your browser settings, then click three dots above your password list to export and import it.

Reduce video data consumption

Data consumption of digital content in form of videos exponentially increased in the last few years. If you want to reduce your data consumption due to unstable or weak Internet

condition, you can turn on the Chrome flag #enable-lite-video feature to watch videos in low-resolution over the web.

Freeze tabs

Chrome can now manage tabs better than before. If you want to hide the group of tabs under the group header and organize the tab bar, this is called collapsing a tab group.

Enabling the #tab-groups-collapse-freezing flag freezes tabs in a group when you collapse them. And, it won’t use any system resources until you reopen them.

Reader Mode

Enable Chrome’s hidden reader mode feature from the #enable-reader-mode flag. Reader mode simplifies the webpage by only showing articles and relevant images. If you are on a page that can be converted to reader mode, you will see a small book icon to the right of the address bar. Click it to enable or disable a simpler reading experience.

Global Media Controls

Global media control allows you to control media directly from the browser. For example, you can pause, play, and edit tracks currently playing on YouTube directly through a toolbar shortcut, without opening the YouTube window. To use this feature find the
#global-media-control flag and enable it.


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