5 Symptoms of Depression

Abhishek Kumar SrivastavaAbhishek Kumar Srivastava 26 Mar, 2022
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Symptoms of Depression

Depression is the worst state of sadness. We all feel sad for something from time to time, so not every person who feels sad is a patient of depression. Normally, we remain sad for a day or two before we forget about it and return to normal. When sadness becomes part of our lives, we often feel sad and sometimes without a real reason, and if it persists, makes us feel hopeless, and robs us of our interest in living, it is called depression, that is, the most severe form of sadness.

In this blog, we will discuss the top five symptoms of depression.

Desiring Death

A person suffering from depression feels as though there is nothing worth living for in this life, so he or she feels like ending it. It is the most severe form of depression. When you see someone with no hope in life and desiring death frequently, you should assume they need medical attention. Take them to the nearest psychiatrist. In addition, you should always keep them engaged in something so that they won’t be able to escape into their own world of despair. Leaving them alone would be detrimental for them.

No Control Over Emotions

A person who seems quite normal to us can also be suffering from depression. People who get angry in one moment and cry in the next are considered abnormal, but in reality, they need medical help because they are depressed. Thus, whenever you see someone around you with uncontrollable emotions, you should realize they are a depression patient. If someone in your family behaves in this way, you should contact a psychiatrist as soon as possible.

Nervousness and Sweating

Feeling nervous and sweating is normal, but if it occurs frequently and you experience rapid breathing, rapid heartbeat, and trembling at the same time, you should seek medical attention since these are symptoms of depression.

Lost Interest

People who suffer from depression lose interest in life. They lack interest in sports, movies, television soaps, hanging out with their friends. In other words, there is nothing they enjoy doing. Simple things irritate them, making them feel depressed and want to leave everything. Even things that made them feel good a few months ago no longer do. If you feel this way or see someone in your family feeling this way, you should immediately consult a psychiatrist.

Hopeless Attitude

When depression makes somebody its prey, they become pessimistic and point out the negative aspects of everything. They need medical help from an expert physiatrist because they are suffering from depression.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms in yourself or someone in your family, you should not delay consulting an expert physiatrist. Ignoring them can be dangerous.


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