5 Priceless lessons remote work taught us

Anand GondAnand Gond 24 Jan, 2022
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Priceless lessons remote work taught us

When the crisis hit in March 2020, the working industry caused a major evolution to our everyday routines. The transition from office to remote work forced us to adapt to the new way of working. Work from home swiftly became the new normal.

Despite the ease of work restrictions, it appears that working from home is here to stay. While many employees are opting for remote work, few experience it only for a short period. Work from home, in any case, has had a significant impact on everyone’s lives.

Check out these 5 priceless lessons that working from home has taught us.

1) Work-life balance

Work-life balance

Our relationship and health dramatically improved as a result of the abrupt move to remote employment. Furthermore, it made a significant difference in terms of improving communication with loved ones as well as job independence. Managing work-life balance has become an important aspect of remote work.
We certainly started spending a lot more time with our loved ones. The concept of work-life balance is being redefined faster and for the better. WFH’s quality is that it allows us to focus our energies on work, not to mention the link we end up nurturing.

2) Flexibility

Work flexibility benefited us significantly, allowing us to better incorporate our lifestyles into our jobs. The transition taught us to thrive outside of traditional parameters without spending long hours at a desk.

Work flexibility

Flexibility, evaluating the location of the remote workplace had a positive impact on countless workers, notably those with dependents, long commutes, and extracurricular activities at the start or end of the day. We now have more time to take short breaks, exercise, conduct errands, or simply re-energize for a few minutes.

3) Technical Knowledge

WFH unintentionally gave us the right push to get our hands dirty to understand the basics of application and next-generation relevant software. During key online sessions, many of us learned how to resolve network errors, configure routers, and keep up to date with apps.

However, the technical knowledge learned in WFH is not limited to this, it also includes the installation and setup of necessary tools for work, communication, and data security tools, among other things.

4) Productivity

Even though working from home has its own challenges, many people find that having fewer interruptions, fewer physical meetings, and less travel time improves their work performance. It had a strong emphasis on employees, which resulted in greater productivity.

According to a Stanford study of 16,000 workers conducted over 9 months, working from home increases productivity by 13%. Workers in the same research also reported higher job satisfaction and a 50% reduction in employee turnover rate.

5) Hybrid Work

The overnight transition of working space during lockdown altered the pattern of how companies worked. Employees were required to commit to work from a remote location and later revise their routines by blending remote and office work. This is how hybrid work became the new order, allowing us to work in both spaces depending on our mood.

Hybrid Work

The majority of workplaces now allow for hybrid work. It’s a terrific method to stay in touch with employees and clients, as well as retain the physical office space relationship. Hybrid employment allowed employees to benefit from the best aspects of both on-site and remote work.

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Working from home taught us discipline, time management skills, relationship values, and new methods to allocate energy and resources in life. Remote work was the most challenging phase in most of our lives in lockdown. However, it left us with some priceless lessons that we will cherish and never forget.


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