10 Biggest Food Brands Globally

Neha MukherjeeNeha Mukherjee 31 Jan, 2022
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Food Brands

The biggest food brand companies are among the loveliest places to shop at. Try visiting one of the places in this article, and you’ll love it! If you are a foodie, let me take you on a virtual journey to our topmost food brands that you need to visit in real life too.


This brand was among the largest in revenue, amounting to $113.5 billion even after declining. If you love beef, eggs, or other types of proteins, it is the place to be at. It operates in over 70 countries across different continents.

Cargill doesn’t want to leave your kitchen empty. It provides ingredients like salt, cooking oils, caulk food, and beverage ingredients. However, if you decide to travel, it still caters to your needs by providing healthy snacks and cereals to keep your mouth occupied.



This brand will exceed your expectations by providing quality food without limits. As you may guess, it is leading at the international level. Currently, Tyson owns multiple companies, some of which you have visited unknowingly. Have you ever bought food from Ballpark, Aidells, Hillshire Snacking, or Raised & Rooted? If yes, you once had a luxurious meal from Tyson.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola

As famous as the name sounds, you might have come across Coca-Cola in drinks and other substances that help to refresh when exhausted. It is among the master beverages around the globe with over 3500 drinks with over 500 brands. If you have ever taken sugar-free Fanta, Sprite, sparkling soft drinks, or many other types of healthy but luxurious beverages, it is because of Coca-Cola. Surprisingly, this iconic brand sells to more than 290 countries, scoring 89.9  out of 100 on the scale of BSI (Brand Strength Index).


Are you a picnic enthusiast? PepsiCo is ready to provide you with healthy snacks while traveling, food after doing heinous exercises, and beverages for relaxing as you return home. Its manufacturers distribute and know how to market its products.

It has stationed many branches, just like any other company would do. Usually, you will find most of its products at reasonable prices such as all-time favorite Lays, carbonated beverages, and more are almost everywhere. It works hard to make decisions that favor your health satisfaction through meals and delicacies, and hence it is one of the top-rated brands.

Lifeway Foods

This brand is special because of the way it handles food. If you commit to lifelong enjoyment by healthily eating modern food, Lifeway is there for you. As usual, the main product is kefir which comes in different categories. Take your time and make an order of organic, non-fat, and bio kefir from Lifeway, and you will want more.


It is another company coming up to the top of the list for its foods and beverages. Nestlé tends to unlock the power of food to ensure you have good health regardless of your age. It produces baby foods, like Cerelac and Gerber, frozen and chilled food for our younger generation, and coffee for the aged.


You can venture into taking something else different by exploring their products. Dairy products are among its top-rated products, and you rather not miss out to have their universal taste.

Beyond Meat

Vegetarians always find food from Beyond Meat very sweet and healthy. It produces plant-based food. Although it has not been dominating other brands, it has another way of satisfying your dietary needs in many ways. You will not believe that it is a good source of maintaining stomach full and growing healthy unless you try it. Its most delicious examples include Beyond Burger, Beyond Beef, and Beyond Sausage with the whole plant-based goodness by eliminating any sign of animal meat. Thus, it’s totally a plant-based meat called as Beyond Meat!

Whole Foods Market

Amazon owns this brand under strict measures to ensure your health is paramount to whatever you buy from them. It is not long since there was a ban on over 100 types because of poor nutritional values. Do you feel like staying healthy forever? Then don’t leave out Whole Foods Market as you go shopping.


Mars never underestimates the power of dinner plates for humans and animals. Of course, it has once appeared in the top 10 private companies because it aimed to provide sustainable diets to support life. It stands out by manufacturing most of the pet foods.

The Wrigley’s, skittles, and Twix you see at the shop are only a few products from Mars. It is marketing the five billion-dollar brands and happens to be the largest producer of pet food. Therefore, it’s the perfect place to get your pet’s food. All you need is to discover your pet’s best food and select from the available products.


Last but not least on our list is SunOpta which just earned $207 million last year and is expectant of higher amounts in the future. It is also among the few companies with a growth rate of 12% but produces adequate food. However, it will favor you if you are a health-oriented person because food is always free from GMOs. Plus, it has a variety of food that you can ever think of eating and keeping yourself fit.

The list is endless, and even you can let us know of more brands out there that you feel are the best. If you haven’t bought from one of these prominent brands, it’s good to try the taste of their foods. Meanwhile, what’s your thought on these multinational icons of food? Please drop the comments below.




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